Saturday, August 15, 2009


It was fun to get out and have fun with our girls this weekend.

Liberty Land was a short but fun time. Faith had a blast on the airplane ride as you can tell. hah We couldn't help but laugh We felt bad for the poor girl. =)
We got on our favorite ride, bumper boats. It was Mikkie and I against Tim and Faith. Although our water war was being thwarted because of some kids we didn't even know who thought they were being funny ganged up on us and shot us mercilessly. I would have drenched them and then some but the rain did that for us.... after about 3 minutes it started pouring, so we had to get out. We were already wet, so what was a little more water.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Alpine. We originally wanted to move there, it's so beautiful, but very pricey. One of my favorite places there is the Peppermint Place. My mom used to take us a lot when we were kids. It was so much fun to go on a shuga rush with a whole bag of goodies and play at the park right after! Those were the days. I miss the old Peppermint Place though, they've moved and changed a bit- it used to be bigger and more stuff and you could go upstairs to watch them make taffy and create frosting shapes on the candy canes. They do have a perk with the new place though, serving gelatos! That's the whole reason we went there this time. Faith and I shared a mint chip with dark chocolate and Tim had Acai Mango with strawberry . It was delish! They have a bunch of flavorful candy canes like rootbeer float, pina colada, strawberry lemonade, etc. and taffy which Tim loves and peppermint bark which I luh-hove! Last time I went I got a prickly pear and hazelnut gelato...those 2 are by far my favorite and I was quite sad they didn't have it this time 'round. You've gotta try this place out if you haven't been; if you have been, it's time to go enjoy yourself again! =)
We went to a park just down the street after to indulge in our sweets. I have lots of memories there also. I'm sure glad the weather turned out nice so we could enjoy the nice day out! They have the coolest playground....the ground part. I know, weird, but it's little bits of red and blue rubber- smells like someone's burnin' the rubber. It's way cool to walk on though- bouncy! This was Mikkie's first time in a swing alone. She thought it was pretty shweet.

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Katie said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I've never heard of Peppermint Place.

I was looking through my old piano books today and I found one that says, My Name is Trent Jesse. So I guess I stole it from you guys when I was taking piano lessons from your sis. Oops. I can mail it to your mom if, by any chance, she wants it back.

lArZ said...

lol, no it's fine, I'm sure my mom doesn't miss it. =)