Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rag Garland

My sister and I started making one of these for this past Valentines, but of course I didn't finish it that day so it never got finished. It gave me an idea for my sisters birthday present though! I got about 6 coordinating fabrics and tore them into strips, and also got some ribbons and tied them on the twine in no specific order. I modge podged some cute matching scrapbooking paper and cut it out with exacto knife. Her reaction to it made it all worth it!
I also made a magnet board for her, but forgot to take a picture. I'll get one and show ya.
You can do this for any holiday or special occasion. For the Valentines one we made, we scrapped some small heart boxes and used red, pink, white ribbons. When I finish it, I will post it.

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Andi Walker said...

Cute Idea. Love it!