Thursday, October 1, 2009

My best friend's wedding

Can I start off by saying, if I've ever been a featherbrain today tops the list!

One of my besties got married today and my mom and I went to the wedding ceremony together. As we walk to the Temple, I decide to look at my recommend and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw AUGUST circled.... it had already expired. I couldn't believe I was going to miss my best friend's wedding! I started balling right there... I've already missed her endowments and bridal shower....not her wedding?!?!?! I guess if we would have gone to the Temple last month like we were supposed to, i would have figure this out ahead of time. I don't think I'll never forgive myself for this. Lesson. Learned.

She asked me to make their announcements, and this is what they looked like:
For a long time she's talked about wanting me to do her hair for her wedding for some reason, not like I'm pro, but I think it turned out pretty good. She looked gorgeous. For waking up at 5 AM (so not a time you'll ever see me up) I felt pretty good the whole day!

Here's the happy newlyweds!

Sportin' off her cutise and so-her green shoesies. Very smart girl for not wearing high heels!
She's such a forgiving friend...for ME being such an airhead!

Dale played beautifully, as always, at their Reception!

My gorgeous dolls behaving so well for their mommy!

Krista and I partying like old times!
Cuttin the cake
Her beautiful bouquet

I'm so happy for her, she deserves all the happiness in the world, and she was beaming tonight! it was a beautiful day and everything turned out simply mavalous =)

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