Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooky Alchemy potion bottles

I thought these looked like a fun project and would add the perfect spooky touch to my mantle.
I downloaded labels from THIS site, there's some cool ones HERE too.
I didn't have a color printer or tan/tea stained paper. So I had to do it my own way. I just printed them b&w, cut them out, crumpled them up really good, layed out and brushed some distress ink over various parts of it. I used:
Then I just used gloss modge podge and glued them to the jars. I had a HARD time finding corks, finally found them at Hobby Lobby...that place has everything, and I should've just gone there in the first place. Fill jars with water and food coloring...experiment and you can come up with some cool colors. Some of the smaller jars in front I got at Walmart, bigger ones at Hobby Lobby and the rest I had saved from old soy sauce and spaghetti sauce jars. Two I bought with labels already on them.
Shots at day time, then night time with the black it more of an eerie look. Love it! I put in a black light that shines right over the mantle also.
Eyeballs in jar and Skull head make a great touch!
I wanted to make som spooky spell books to put next to them but I'm running out of time! Maybe next year.

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Brittany & Garrett Best said...

Laura, it looks AMAAAZING!!!! You seriously are SOO talented in every way! I'm so jealous!