Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gift boxes and family party

What I love even more than making treats (besides eating them :) is making gift baskets with them. I had lots of fun putting them together. I found these frames at Ikea for 99 cents and spray painted the middle with chalkboard paint. I just think they're super cute, so I had to make one for myself too :)

Tonight we just had a Christmas party for the Harper's. I always have fun with them. We've got some very talented, creative people in this family! It was fun to hear Tim's cousin play a song he made up with his ukulele!
I was lucky enough to get these few pictures before my battery decided to run out of juice..what's that all about, thinking it needs to be charged or something.. :)

Faith with her Gramma who was in town!
Ryan and cute lil' Sophia
Timmah and Jen- their family was so festive wearing santa hats, so fun!
Jen, Tim, Lisa and Sophia....sorry Tim, that light liked you no matter what angle I tried :)
The cousins chillaxin'.
Spending time with loved ones is what I love best especially around the holidays!

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