Sunday, January 2, 2011


I love making goals. I love when I accomplish them even more! :)

First off, overview of 2010 goals:

January: Be consistent in establishing some type of workout routine and make it a habit

February: Study a topic in the scriptures each week and really become familiar with it.

March: Read! See how many books I can read in this month.

April: Give all attention to getting our square foot garden prepared and planted!

May: Learn to crochet and make at least one thing.

June: Give even more time to my kids

July: Learn how to swim.
Check...ish. Let's see if I can even go near a pool again though.

August: Set up an Etsy shop and sell stuff.

September: Get more serious about my writing. Have at least one or two stories done.
check?...uncheck? I don't know.

October: Learn how to do Family History.

November: Memorize Morse code....could come in very handy.
UNcheck- although this wasn't really an important goal anyways...Instead I did a tree for Mikkie, I think that was an even better goal.

December: Serve more.

Although most of those goals were good, in retrospect I think there were more important things to focus on. I think of good, better and best. That last goal leads me into my goals/focus for the year 2011, which is:


I have picked out a different thing to do each month and will write my experiences/progress on Mikkie's blog, since this was my promise I made to her on her birthday.

Ready, Set, Achieve! :)

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Lisa R.D. said...

You did great with so many of your goals last year... and I am impressed with your ability to set and achieve them! I am so afraid of failure that I don't bother anymore :). I need to reevaluate my stance on goals!!!