Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Togetherness

My family had our annual outing. We decided to stick close this time and make our own fun.

It included a whole lotta water and a whole lotta food and a whole lotta least for me anyways. I always seem to turn into a crispy critter no matter how much sunblock I put on.

Water fight at the park. Check out the sweet shot of me launching my cup-o-water at Tim.
How to get beefy biceps like Dale's: stuff a water balloon up your sleeve. ;)
Day at Cowabunga Bay-very fun water park!
Firework time. The only way Mikkie would enjoy them was for me to cover her ears during the high-pitched screaming ones that sounded almost identical to my little niece. ;)

My brother and SIL made a most scrumptious Raspberry Cobbler. It was a party in my mouth. I love cobbler and I love raspberries....can't think of a better combo. It's quick, easy n tasty. give it a try!
(sorry not the best lookin picture-we started diggin into it before i could take a picture of the beauty)
• 1 box white cake mix
• 1 (16 oz) can of any pie filling
• 2 T. butter
• 1 can of Sprite

Cook in 10 or 12 inch dutch oven. Drop butter in bottom. Drain half of the goo out of the can of pie filling, then pour into dutch oven. Pour in cake mix. With your finger, put a zigzag design on top of the cake mix and then pour the sprite on top. checkerboard your charcoal on top and bottom until full. Turn at 15 min. and start checking to see if it's cooked every 15 minutes thereafter. Usually takes about 30 minutes total.

We brought our game "Horse Balls" that we made. Yea, I know, awesome name, eh. =) It's a cross between Horse shoes and golf balls. We made ours with THESE instructions. It's really fun!

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Jenny said...

LOL...guess Dale's working out is payin off :) I love "horse balls"! That is such a fun game until your beaned in the head by one. Fun pics!