Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do the Do

I started the ol' pony tail/hair in a bun and knew it was time for a change again! I'll give ya a wild guess who did my hair. ;) We both LUH-HOVED it after she was done! It's now fun again to fix my hair! I'm sooo excited!!

I didn't tell Tim cuz I wanted to surprise him....not exactly the quickest observer. ;) But he loves it, and that's all that matters.

My SIL gave me a hard time last time I got my hair done and didn't post my 'before' picture, so....this is for you, Marcie. ;)

From Nasty to.......

You're A-mazing Tam! =)

4 comments from awesome people!:

the harpers said...

Sooooo cute!! Is there red in it?? Love it!

Clay and Jessica Brown said...

That is really cute!I wish I dared do something fun with my hair...right now I'm growing it out it's all good.

Miss ya lots!

Jess :D

Tina said...

Way cute! That is my kind of "do"!

Andi Walker said...

Adorable! Love it!