Monday, October 12, 2009

New addition to family and Halloween decor

No, the new addition is not a baby (I would have had to be reeeeeeeeeally sneaky to pull that one off with no one knowing!haha) and it's not a pet (yet ;) We are excited to have Maria, a friend of my family, live with us! She's 11 years old and is a great girl and absolutely loves to play with our girlies. It's a new experience having a kid in school already, but thank goodness her track doesn't start til 9:30! The girls are continuing to out number the boys in our fam....4 to 1 now, hah! Go girls! =)

Does anyone else like to dry their roses and decorate with them? Well, I do; I didn't want to pack them away but they don't quite blend in with the holiday decor surrounding it, so........................ I spray painted them black to add a nice touch for Halloween! Love it. Need some more roses to dry after this........... HINT HINT to my hubby.... hehe ;)

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Andi Walker said...

Congrats on the new arrival. Are you doing foster care? We did it to be able to adopt our 3 kids - either way you're a blessing to her I'm sure.