Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Fun!

So.......things keep coming up and then I got sick; tis the explanation for my longer than usual absence. But watch out, cuz I'm gonna overload with posts now. muahaha =)

We had some pumpkin carving fun with Tim's fam last Friday. I love the tradition of carving pumpkins. Tim did a sideways smiley face, Faithy colored on hers and loved it, Maria did.....some sort of face. The messed up eyes was my fault, I tried to help pound out the eye and ended up making a big hole instead, but she made it look cute. Mikkie ate pumpkin seeds off the ground and I did a polka dot pumpkin (holes did not go all the way through-just cut deep enough for the light to glow through.) I used a melon baller to scoop out the circles. Word to the wise....use gloves when doing it; pumpkins are a lot harder to puncture then watermelon. I have 4 blisters to prove it! Ouch! Also, hold it close to the scooper rather than in the middle, or like me you'll break off the scooper. Good thing it is 2 sided!

Those black pumpkins we did a week earlier. I used black chalkboard spray paint. I LOVE it! Great idea whoever thought of that. It rained that night and ended up washing off the chalk, but it still looks cool plain black.

Everyone did an awesome job on their pumpkins, they turned out great! I love seeing what everyone comes up with. My favorite part was seeing them all lit up outside! Or in Faithy's case, enjoying her colorful artwork on hers.

Got some silver spray paint at craft store and love how the pumpkins look. Very metallic looking. my friend Krista came over couple days ago and carved the neat looking silver 'tin man'. pretty creative.

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