Wednesday, November 18, 2009

9th & 9th + embarrassing moment

We went to check out a clump of stores downtown on 9th & 9th that we saw on studio 5. I wouldn't have really found them otherwise. One of the stores, Children's Hour, seriously had THEE cutest, CUTEST clothes ever! I love loved the styles. Most were from the Netherlands....boy do they know how to dress over there! There were sooo many things that I was just drooling over and wishing upon a star to have.....then I saw the price tag and yea, it's gonna take wishing on a hecka lot of stars to get those puppies!! woo.... One of the children's dresses came to $500...I kid you not! WHO has that kind of money to spend on clothes??? and especially just one thing...AND it being a child's dress? man, I was bummed out that I can't and never will be able to afford such adorable things.... then again, even if I DID have the money, I don't think I'd ever be able to justify spending that much on a piece of clothing. Oh well, it's nice to dream and wish.....right?!

Next store was Apt. 202. weird name for a store, but they had some great stuff! Compared to the prices at the children's hour, these were nothin! I love the different, fun, unique styles they have around there.

We took a lunch break at Great Harvest....and this is where my embarrassing moment comes into play. First of all, their pumpkin chocolate chip bread is AMAZING!! oh sweet heaven, it was yummy! So we get in there and there's a table with butter and honey right? The girls are getting whiny, so I see half a loaf of bread sitting on the table and cut off a chunk for Faith to eat. As I was struggling to cut off another piece for Mikkie, a guy walks in and waits for me to finish. As I give it to Mikkie, he picks up the bread and asks if I took a bite out of it..... Say wha?? Why would I take a bite out of bread the public is sharing? Weirdo!!!......Is what I was thinking. No, I just cut off a little bit with the knife, sir. Then it dawned on me, "is that your bread??" Yes. "....................OH!!!!! I thought it was the Sample bread!!! I'm so sorry!!" I stood there I'm sure with a red face as he walks out the door. Oh, I felt so stupid. My mom and sister were laughin at me while Faith & Mikkie had absolutely no clue they were eating "stolen" bread. As I was waiting for my order, I noticed people setting their bread on that table getting ready to butter and honey it before they left. What I couldn't figure is why that guy left it THERE, of all places, and left! anyways.....I'm still trying to get over the embarrassment. .....although, it DOES make me laugh.

To make myself feel better, we went across the street to Garden Gate- homemade toffee and chocolates. mmmmmmmm the toffee was delish!

After we went to the Peach Boutique. I had the "wantsies" in there too! Good thing these wantsies don't cost an arm and leg. They had some fabric flower headbands there that were way cute, but $33 was still not convincing enough to buy. I took one look at them and heck i could whip those up quicker and cheaper (maybe not as cute), but wanted to give it a try. So, I made a bunch last night and as soon as I finish up some odds n ends, I will post the finished products! You excited?? Cuz I am! =)

It was fun to go somewhere different and check out some fun places!

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Marcie said...

I can't wait to see your headbands! I've been dying to make some for the girls. .. but oh the time :) I have made some out of ribbon that have been fun. They def. spice things up over fake flowers :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA hahaha!! That is SSOO stinkin funny! (and embarrassing of course) I have done stuff like that, not an uncommon occurance in my life actually! You are too cute Laura!

Anonymous said...
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Tim Harper said...

I died laughing when I heard about this :) And... everyone should be excited to see the stuff you're making, because they ARE AWESOME!

Michelle Nielson said...

OM GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing soo hard, i cant stop laughing! that is freaking halairous!!! :) I love you laura!!! :) i will have to go to those stores! i have never been! i cant wait to see what you made!! :)