Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas shtuff

I made these as a gift for my friend. Didn't take me very long at all. Made me excited to make some for my house!

Ho Ho Ho wooden blocks

Modge podged washer ornaments

Gift basket with Merry Christmas vinyl lettering I cut.
Makes for an easy, cute gift, ya?! =)

3 comments from awesome people!:

on the Sutton's said...

Thanks so much, I love them!!! You are so talented, we still need to get together so you can teach me how to make stuff. You are the best!!!

The Steggells said...

LOVE your blog and I'm still so excited that I have a friend that is so digi savvy! So do you cut vinyl lettering yourself or do you know someone? I need to get some things cut for Christmas presents. Let me know! :)

Tina said...

so cute! What do you use to cut your vinyl lettering. You are so super crafty! Love it!