Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monthly goal review

Is the longest month of the year really over?! When I have a goal to focus on, it kinda goes by a little faster.

January goal: be consistent in establishing some type of workout routine and make it a habit.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Review: I started off small by just doing some stretches and a few exercises. The next day I would be sore (man am I a wuss!) so I didn't feel like doing anything. I kept trying though, when I wasn't sick or feeling blah I'd get right back to my exercises. I didn't exercise every day of the month (that wasn't the goal) but I'm pretty much warmed up now, so I can start doing more serious workouts! Needless to say, I won't be completely dead when we go dancing for Valentines! That's a good thing.

Things I like to do for exercise that are fun to me:

* Punching bag
* Step Aerobics (I use my stairs. go up and down my long staircase, sometimes skipping a step to make it "harder")
* DDR! boo ya gramma! This is how I lost weight before I got married....quite the workout.
* Bike riding (come on spring! You want an even better biking workout? hook up a trailer to it and put your kids in it! whew)
* walking (the uphill walk to our park is more than a good workout.)
* Basketball (I really miss having a hoop to play on!)
* Rollerblading (does anyone do that anymore?!)
* Weights (Thanks to Tim's bro, we have a bench now!)
* Dancing (it's more of a workout than you think!)

Know what I like best? Dancing! Yup, I'm one of those people who dance their soul out in the family room with music pumped up. I've pretty much been dancing my whole all started in my toddler years when my dad would turn on some classical marching music and have me march in circles (while videotaping the WHOLE thing haha). I tease my dad that still to this day I have nightmares of marching and circles. ;)
The girls even join me in my rockin out, it's too cute! Faith likes to copy what I do while Mikkie does her bum dance and stomp her feet (could this be the marching showing through?!) The other day Tim came home and saw us dancing and claimed he's never seen me dance before... huh? "We never go clubbing or anything, so I only see you ballroom dance with me." hah wow, after 4 years of marriage, who knew!

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Amber said...

Seriously Mark and I thought about getting a b-ball hoop to go at the top of our circle...that would be so fun to get some games going this summer!!