Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines here?

Holy Shmokes, is it that time already?! I'm more than ready for it, but I just can't believe it's here.

We're celebrating early tonight. I saw a poster on our mailbox just yesterday advertising a Sweetheart's Ball just down the street from us at the golf course. Perfect! The only problem was we waited until today to find a babysitter. Luckily I have an awesome hubby who found us one in our ward.....after 1 1/2 hours of calling. :S

Tim told me he just wanted me to make something for him for his gift, so I made him a
lollipop flower bouquet (didn't get a chance to take a picture before they got hoovered the girls, not Tim :) Both gifts were greatly appreciated and loved by him, I love seeing the look on his face when I do or give something to him.

My love letter in a bottle. Printed my letter, burned the edges, rolled up, tied with a ribbon, stuck it in a soy sauce bottle I saved and washed, filled bottle with confetti, burned edges of label, taped it on, stuck a cork in it and voila! I was so excited that I had a cork laying around.....kinda random, who has extra corks around? =)
and mini baked apple pies in a box. Got the idea from HERE. She has a template to print the box, how cute and fun is that?! The pie-lets (not to be confused with piglets) only took me 30 minutes to make...20 of that was cooking time!
Something different, cute and fun, give it a try! Good thing I'm posting still have 2 days to do it. =)

Know what he got ME? I thought the jigsaw was good enough, but along came a Dremel this week! woo hoo!! Now all I need is a mitre saw and I'll be set......Mother's Day maybe? ;)

my visiting teacher dropped this off just before we left, so nice of her and cute idea!
Timmah and I at the dance. We had to dust off our moves and practice them, it was a lot of fun! They had dinner there too, but we were too full from eating Thai food beforehand. mmm mmm!
I love my hubby! He always knows how to have a good time!
Anybody else like dancing? Not a whole lot of people we know like to. Pity. Would be a blast to do double dates going dancin'.

We came back to a feverish baby. Darn that teething! Mikkie's getting two big molars, not a fun thing; my poor baby girl.

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Candixe said...

looks like that's one lucky guy you have there! thanks for the ideas!