Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coke Pork Roast

Wow, I don't think I've gone this long without blogging! ha Don't let that fool ya though, cuz I have been doing lotsa stuff, I'm just not ready to post them quite yet. March is going to be a crazy busy, FUN month, so expect lots to come then. =)

I'm not a fan of pepsi, dr. pepper, coke or any of those products, but I do like coke when cooked with a roast! It makes for a very juicy, tender, flavorful slab of meat!
This isn't the most mouth-watering picture, sorry folks it's the best I could do. I warned you I wasn't the greatest photographer.
mmmmmmmmm... I so wish I had some for tonight!

2 comments from awesome people!:

Doreen said...

OK, I have tried some of your recipes...all wonder so far (still waiting to try the wheat bread) and this roast looks yummy. Give me the secret. Did you just cover and cook in the oven or did you use a slow cooker and what else dis you add besides coke. It looks like it is just falling apart good! Thanks Doreen

lArZ said...

Thanks Doreen! I'm glad the recipes are turning out as good for you...and you won't be disappointed by the bread, I promise. =) My friend just brought to my attention that I left out the recipe to this...OOPS Sorry! It is: 1 roast, 1 can coke, 1 pkg onion soup mix, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 jar salsa. Put all together in a crock pot med-high for 5-7 hours.