Sunday, March 14, 2010

Faith's party: The Fun

The easiest way, I read, was to do stations as activities for the kids. Each station being about one of the Candyland characters. At the beginning of each one, I held up a picture I printed of the character and read a small thing about them that I found in the Candyland game. Then we'd do our activity.

Once again, these pro pictures were all taken by my SIL Marcie. She was a lifesaver for doing this or else I'm afraid I would have no pictures to show.

To start we did a Pinata, rainbow colored '3'. That was for the start of the game..the rainbow start (which they also went under the balloon arch and walked along the rainbow path for this also). Olivia ended up being the one that broke the thing loose! Didn't take long for that candy to get claimed. I had each kid draw their name on a paper bag to hold their loot in.

Next up was Jolly from the Gumdrop Pass. For that I put gumdrops in a jar and whoever guessed the closest number won that. I gave little pieces of candy to the rest of the kiddies. My bro was awesome enough to do the one I made for the adults too.

Next for Mr. Mint, I had them come take a seat on the stairs and passed out paper peppermint pinwheels, pencil and trimmed pin. Stick the pin through middle of paper into eraser of the pencil and you got yourself a fun twirly pinwheel.
Then we headed back to the kitchen for Gramma Nutt and had a peanut butter eating contest. I gave them each a spoonful of peanut butter and I think we had a tie.
Then for Lord Licorice, I gave them pull n' peel licorice and fruitloops to make necklaces, rings, headbands or to just eat it. As you can see I'm still wearing my fruit loop-licorice ring in picture above. =)
For Gloppy, they each got a chocolate oreo pudding cup to eat. That was the messiest I wanted to get with that character. =)

For Lolly, I handed out Big Whirlypops with paper attached that said, "Thanks for making my day so Sweet. Love, Faith". I did have plans to stick them outside in the flower bed, but the weather so SO the opposite of wanting to cooperate.
Last but not least, Queen Frostine. I made a cape and crown for Faith and crowned her Queen of the day, while the other kids received ring pops! We went straight into gifts after that, then cake/ice cream.
Enjoying the yummy treats.........and running around in a major shuga high. Oh to be a kid again and eat that much candy but not feel bad afterward.

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