Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fooooooool's!

I wasn't really prepared for this holiday this year, usually I'm scheming plans weeks in advance, but I couldn't just NOT do something. So, off the top of my head I devised a simple plan that got better results than planned.

I thought my joke last year was awesome- having my prego SIL take a pregnancy test for me to make it look like I was pregnant, and I got the water works going and everything for about 1/2 hour, it was priceless. I was crying cuz I was still recovering from having Mikkie in Nov. Who wants to get prego again that fast?! Not I! But I now know even more by his reaction, what an incredible hubby I have that he was ready to be my support through yet another "pregnancy" =)

According to Tim he thought this year's joke was better than last. We had just barely gotten our Dremel back from being fixed and so I told him that while I was out in the garage spray painting, the girls got a hold of the dremel and totally messed up our walls in the kitchen and entryway. First of all, being the kind and caring person he is, he asked if they were hurt or anything. When i replied no, he was pretty peeved. I said the dremel must've broken from them dropping it from upstairs (they love to throw things over the railing). that set him off. He was taking this news better than expected, so I continue with...."and not to mention they ripped apart half our books they tore off the shelf yesterday." Insert scream.(well, I was telling him over google talk, but I could hear his frustration..muahaha). He was planning ways to discipline better and everything and called me on the way home asking if I could call my dad to see how much it would be to repair the damage. Once I told him April Fool's he about died, cuz he actually believed me and couldn't believe how mad I made him get. LOL I couldn't have gotten a better reaction. ok......and I just HAD to throw in the whole taping-down-sink-sprayer-button prank and asked him to wash his hands. I just love the look of surprise on his face when the water sprays him right in the face. HAHA oh boy, I love to tease my hubby! I'm glad he still loves me with all he has to put up with from me. =) But hey, don't blame ME, blame my dad...that's where I get my mischievousness from. ;)

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The Jessee Journal said...

Wow Laura, I could totally see how that would get him worse than last year -- I mean at least with a pregnancy you have to feel excited, but your kids trashing your house? that is priceless! haha. Tim is going to have to mark April 1st in RED on his calendar or beware of next year :)

Tim Harper said...

Hahah, I know! I am setting reminders for myself, I can't believe I've fallen for this twice in a row!!! It's because normally my wife is honest, and this year's joke was believable because my girls ARE mischievous... just like their mom!!!

One day a while ago Faith had drawn all over our cabinets with permanent marker. I wish that was April Fool's.