Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Not fun timing for our kids to be sick. But regardless, we still partied!

The girls helped me make the awesomest birthday sign. Didn't they do a great job! Faith asked me to show her how to draw a lollipop and, along with her smiley faces, she drew a whole bunch to make it all festive. :) Daddy absolutely loved, LOVED it!
I ordered some Thai food take out and set up a picnic right in the comfort of our own home. :)We would've taken the lil' picnic outdoors, but we probably would've gotten blown to the Wizard of Oz. :)
I made a scavenger hunt for Tim to find his gifts and card. We love doing those around here! :) I have to say the clues were pretty clever.

Here he is sportin' his new outift, what a good lookin' stud!
Tim's birthday dessert. Ever had sweet sticky rice with mango? You HAVE to try it, it's soooo good! It's been one of our favorites for a while now.
We like to do early gifts here, mostly it's because of me....ok, it IS because of me. I just can't hold my horses! I got him a part for his phone and was so excited cuz I knew he had no clue what I was up to. When it came time for him to use it, he realized I got the wrong part. So, he tells me, "Thanks sweetie, but I'll get the electronic stuff, ok." hahah oh well, can't blame him, it's like him trying to buy me clothes or makeup. I made up for that by getting the new season of our favorite computer game and we nerded out together playing it for a few nights! Does anyone else like to do that with their hubby? :)

And to end the night with a big shabang, we paid (literally) a visit to the doctor. We find that Mikkie has a bad ear infection. :( Poor girly! It's been a miserable week.

Life is so much fun with hy handsome hubby!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jae and I really like the Kings Quest series, its older but OH SO fun! They have actually done VGA remakes of the first few and those are awesome!