Monday, May 3, 2010

Monthly Goal Review for April

Goal for April: Get garden planted and established/ yard work as well
Rating: ★★★★★
Five stars

I'm glad we got in our yard work couple weeks ago when Spring came (and went immediately after.) I actually love doing yard work, maybe because of my fetish with seeing messy things clean and orderly afterwards.

Along with getting our yard lookin' good, we decided it was high time to get a fence. So, we went for it and I am SO excited! Our awesome neighbor installed it for us and did a great job! It's going to be nice to send the girls out to the back to play when I don't feel like watching them every minute and chasing them down the road. ;) And of course, keep them safe from the busy road behind us so they don't get smashed flat like the neighbor's cats.

The main goal was to get our garden finished, even though the fence was a big accomplishment also. Our garden started out looking like this, for a year, growing some nice weeds and grass in it. :)
Sad looking, eh.
Finally, we conquered it, doesn't it look tonz better? I'm SO excited about both!
Now we are just hoping that the fence keeps the stupid cats outta our garden and that we can harvest at least ONE thing! It's our first crack at a garden so...wish us luck! :)

2 comments from awesome people!:

The Jessee Journal said...

looks great! And HOORAY for the possibility of letting kids play outside without constant supervision :)

Jenny said...

It's beautiful! It looks just like the two we have. I hope you have success!