Friday, April 16, 2010

Wooly to Ruffly pillow!

One of the things I love seeing (and doing) is turning ugly or old things into new and improved things. I see the pro ones out there where people totally transform beaten-up furniture into gorgeous masterpieces.....I'm not even close to doing that yet (probably would look like a toddler did it), but I'm starting small. Pillows I can do, and with each one I'm getting more practice to make the next one even better.

Well, I'm not sure this one is better than my last, but I do like it. This is the ugly wool pillow I got from DI for $2!!.......
..............and transformed it into this loverly vision of white. :) with 2 messy girls, let's see how long it STAYS white. haha
I didn't really find a tutorial on this one, and was not thinking at the time to make my own. I just saw a ruffled pillow like this at a store and guessed on how to do it. If enough people want a tute, then I'll go ahead and make one just for you. :)

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The Sutton's said...

what a cute pillow, love it!!