Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monthly Goal Review for June

Goal: Give even more time to my kids; study and find better ways to teach them and have Faith memorize the alphabet.

Rating: ☆ 3.5 stars

Even though Faith already had her alphabet memorized, I don't feel like I did too well with this month, oh well. Here's a list of things I tried with the girls:

* Playdough-FAIL (fun to play with, NOT fun to get off floor)

* Bubbles- WIN (although they dump it out more than blowing the bubbles :S)

* Sprinkler toy hooked up to our hose- FAIL. My girls do NOT like water in their face, mostly Faith, but let me tell you it did not sound like a good time when I turned that "fun" sprinkler on.

* Dyed pasta shells to put on string- FAIL. Maybe I didn't do it right, but the food coloring wasn't sticking to the pasta and BIG MISTAKE...I left it on the counter. That + turning my head for a few minutes= MESS.

* Helping mom cook- WIN. Faith LOVES to help, she is a great helper! I just have to watch her carefully cuz she's pretty speedy to grab that egg and crunch it all in the bowl. ;)

* Zoo- WIN! They both loved the zoo! The baby elephant was our favorite. That, the long white-tailed monkeys and the gorilla were the most entertaining, everything else might as well have been dead. Did you know they're building a big Polar Bear exhibit that'll open in 2012? That is when I will get a season pass, I can't get enough of their cute fuzzy faces!!! :)

There's still so much more to do with them, so really this goal is not over and will never be over, I love spending time with my little girls! They are sweet as can be and so fun to be with, they make me laugh and smile all the time!

If any of you have some fun ideas you like to do with your kids, I'd love to hear them! It gets tiring for my brain sometimes trying to come up with things to do. :)

2 comments from awesome people!:

Amber said...

Wow you are so creative!! I really need to do fun stuff with my little one...she is probably so sick of singing songs and coloring but that's about as creative as I get. Thanks for the new ideas.

Clay and Jessica Brown said...

For the noodles did you add vinegar? Also you just let it dry on wax paper. Um, there are a ton of ideas when you google search preschool activities. Work on making a memory game with anything numbers, colors, etc....Read a book each week and hae an activity to go along with that book. Like Brown Bear Brown bear and then go for a walk and talk about all the different colors you see. Let me know if you want some other ideas. I do have a lot since I worked at a preschool. I will also try and find my list of short activities to do each day and see if I have a copy to send you.

Jess ;D