Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Billy to Bob

Inside story here..... Mikkie's hair was getting really long, mostly in the back so it looked like a mullet, like this:
Being a hair stylist it drove my sister nuts :) I was only holding on to it cuz of the cute curl, but it was looking kinda funny, at least we got some good laughs from it. :) So.... point, Tammy started calling her Billy Ray.......cuz of the mullet.......As much as I liked the curl, I wasn't too fond of the new nickname. :) So it was time to chop chop.
Tam was achin' her achy breaky heart to chop it off.
Bye bye Billy Ray.
Hello Bob. :) Of course we didn't nickname her Bob, but that's what the cut is.
What a stinkin' cutie! She did so good!
We got Faith's hair cut also. It hasn't been cut since the accident. :) She found scissors somewhere and butchered her bangs last November...RIGHT after her first hair cut.
She's not getting anywhere near scissors this time. :)

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Brittany & Garrett Best said...

They both look so cute! I love the nickname "Billy Ray" that is too funny. We were beginning to nickname Grant McGyver when his hair was turning into a mullet.