Friday, August 20, 2010

Move forward with Faith

I just finished setting up a blog where I will write down and share my experiences, thoughts and feelings on our journey of healing from our loss. I named it "Move Forward with Faith". Faith having two meanings... my daughter Faith, and obviously my faith in God.

It's for anyone and everyone who wants to read it. I hope it does some good.
The blog is a work in progress. I want to make it really special, bright and fun, but I wanted to hurry also so I can start recording things while they are fresh on my mind. :)

6 comments from awesome people!:

Lisa R.D. said...

I'm looking forward to reading your new blog... you are amazing!

Doty Family said...

My heart still aches for you. What a wonderful way to think of your daughter, Faith. I hope you will find peace. I don't imagine this is something you will ever get over, but hopefully you will move forward and find joy agian.

Brittany & Garrett Best said...

You are such a rock Laura! You are already an inspiration and such an amazing example to me. I hope you, Tim and Faith are doing ok.

Staci said...

What a great thing you are doing. I saw a link to your story on facebook and have been devastated for you. It hurts me to even try to imagine losing my 20 month old little girl. She is the joy in my life and in our home. I had a close experience with losing her a year ago, and it taught me how quickly things can turn. But no matter how much you try to protect them and try not to let your guard down, things still happen. And sometimes they happen for a reason. Heavenly Father has a plan and I hope you are feeling his love, assurance, and comfort during this hard and painful time in your life. I feel your pain, although I know it isn't even close to what you are feeling. I have had you and your family on my mind A LOT this last week. It has given me the desire to hug a litle tighter, and be more loving and patient to my 3 children. One night I chose to rock my baby to sleep instead of setting her in her crib. I bawled while I thought about you and how lucky I am. For me your story has been a gentle reminder in my life. I am so sorry for your loss. That is HUGE! I am so greatful to have found a link to your blogs. What a great example and inspiration you are!

Clay and Jessica Brown said...

Hey Lafa,
I have to say you have an amazing spirit (always have been-since I've known you anyway!:D I'm so sad for you and your family during this trial, but know that you will come through with shining colors. You are a precious daughter of a HF who loves you!I love you too!

Jess : D

Melita said...

What can one say after your terrible and sad loss ??!! Sorry seems such a very small thing , but i am so very sorry for your loss . Starting your 'new' blog is such a good idea , as writing your thoughts , feelings and emotions down will be a help to you and plus you will have such a big support from all who read it . I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers ...many hugs Melita xx