Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love going up to the canyons, get away from everything and just enjoy some good ol' mountain air, while wearing a warm, cozy hoodie. ahhh
We originally had my whole family going but just ended up with us and my sister's fam. We had a good time. Brought up some food and all the goodness to make s'mores and just goofed off.

I tried to get a normal smiley picture of faith, but all I got was her tongue, so I gave up on cute pictures and joined her in a silly one. :)

This was our dinner. I got the recipe from.....guess where? Picky Palate, of course. She called it 'Walking Tacos'. She made her own chili, which I'm sure tastes great, but my idea of making it easier, faster and just as yummy is Wendy's Chili. I call my version "Running Tacos". I thought it was clever... ;) You can use the million ingredients or just grab a bag of Fritos and Wendy's Chili (ask for Sour cream there) and there you have it for a very quick, tasty meal!
You can't be by a camp fire and not roast marshmallows! Faith loved the sticky, ooey-gooey treats...and cuddling with her uncle "Pakritch". His name is Patrick, but that's how Faith says it. haha I like that better, more catchy. :)
It's fun to take pictures of fire...we're still trying to figure out our camera. Tim and I had different thoughts on what makes a good fire picture. So without telling you who took what picture, I ask you....
Number One?
...or Number Two?

I gotta get a few more trips up before it gets too cold, care to join us? :)

4 comments from awesome people!:

The Jessee Journal said...

We're going on a hike tonight and I'm so excited! Each time I go the colors get more beautiful. PLUS we'll ALLL Be up there on Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, how fun! Where is this place? I have wanted to get my son Connor up in the mountains, he LOVES exploring. Let me know if you want any company on your next trip up.

Stephanie said...

I love camping and hanging out roasting marshmallows! I just recently bought carmel marshmallows from Wally World and have not tried them yet so if we can join ya sometime that would be FUN! OH and Matthew and I think picture #1 is the way to take a good campfire pic:)

Nycole said...

I'm with Stephanie....number one is the better picture. But I love you both!!

Jordan is always begging me to take him camping. We'd love to join you. :-)