Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall branches

Wanna hear a kinda funny story? Well, I'm gonna tell it anyways. ;)
I saw this picture below and thought it would be so cool to have some branches to do that with! So I convince my sister how cool it would be and we make a trip up the canyons together. She brought her big tree choppers (that's the technical name) and we started chopping down some sweet lookin branches that we were already envisioning where to put at our house.
I risk life and limb (ok, maybe just my flimsy sandals) to cut down some gnarly ones and we make a big pile next to our car. We really didn't cut down a whole lot, we found a lot on the ground that had already been broken off. So, along comes a forest ranger, who no doubt was told by some "tattle tell" driving by, to ask what we were up to. As he first got out of his car, I was back in the trees and immediately dropped the choppers and let them slide down out of sight, and walk towards Tammy acting like I was just enjoying the view....of course he could see the big pile of branches next to our car and said that we're not supposed to be cutting down branches. Pretending I would do no such thing I asked, "what about the branches that are already on the ground?" He replied that we could take those for firewood at our campsite but couldn't take them out of the canyon or we would get a ticket. That wasn't worth it to us so we waited for him to drive out of sight and then I slipped down the hill to grab the choppers and we were off, leaving our big batch of decorations. :)
Tammy and I were both shaking. hahah yea, we'd make horrible criminals. Here we are, how old? and were getting in trouble just like we did in our teen years, and had children in tow. We laughed and laughed.

I tell you, where is the justice. Where else am I supposed to get my branches to decorate with?! :)
So.... of course that didn't stop us. The next day we used our common sense and went up a canyon that had next to nobody there....and definitely no forest rangers. My brother came this time and we drove while he chopped down our branches of choice, stuffed them in the van and within an hour we had enough gorgeous fall branches for both Tam and I to use.
I have them inside for now but when I get down to serious business putting up all my Halloween decor, then my front porch is gonna look something like the first picture, hopefully.

Aren't they just beautiful?! It adds a nice touch and feel to our home. Now, I just hope that no forest rangers are reading my blog...shhhhh ;)

6 comments from awesome people!:

The Jessee Journal said...

the rangers are def. nazi in Provo Canyon!

Anonymous said...

That is such a neat idea!! I cant wait to see pictures!! If you ever come to Oklahoma and need branches... people will PAY you to take them haha

Lisa R.D. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one "caught" by a forest ranger... Liv was trying to collect leaves for a school project a couple of years ago and we were kindly reminded that that was a no-no. Oops :).

I love the look though--and love your new blog look too!

Brittany & Garrett Best said...

WOW, that is too funny. What an awesome idea. Your decor looks gorgeous! I LOVE the colors of the leaves it looks amazing in your home too!

lArZ said...

Marcie, no doubt they're nazi there, prob from all the crazy college students...or mormon mommy's wanting to decorate. hah ;)

Nielsen Family, I'm SO taking a trip to OK! lol I'd have to bring a whole other car just for the branches. :)

Lisa, lol doesn't it make you feel silly when you're an adult and get in trouble...we went to get leaves last year, tim drove and i hurried and plucked them off through the window. the whole time i was so paranoid of any cars or people going by.

Brittany, thank you! can't wait to see what they look like outside! :)

Traci said...

k, I had no idea it was illegal to pull leaves off trees in Utah! Maybe everywhere?? That's insane. Where is a little girl to get her school project leaves? Very interesting... I'm not going to look and see if it's a law in Washington. At least that way I can claim ignorance if I ever get caught! I do know I can't cut down trees in green belts, and we'll leave it at that.