Friday, October 1, 2010

Blue Lemon

I got a coupon for this restaurant so Tim and I decided to check it out tonight. We're glad we did, it was great! We loved the feel of the place, it had a modern, classy feel with a touch of casual. Just crisp and fresh. They are all about presentation too, we ogled at our plates of food thinking we had just spent about $25 a plate (when really it was half the price) they were that professional, they looked amazing! Then we sunk our teeth into it and it was even more amazing!
I got this dish below, the Artichoke and Tomato Chicken. Party.In.Your.Mouth.
Tim got the Southwestern Salad and loved it! They even grilled the lemon, making it look awesome. We had their sweet potato fries with their special sauce, tried several of their fun, unique drinks, and I had a cookies n' cream brownie....uhhhh, need I say more?! :)
Needless to say we give it two thumbs way, way up! And we recommend you try it! There's one in Highland or SLC.
After, we went to the store and we came back out to our van, we both got in, sat down and thought why the heck does our van smell like smoke.....and when did we get seat covers? We immediately realized we got in someone else's van, got out started laughing and found our own van. :) Funny stuff. Fun date.

2 comments from awesome people!:

Lisa R.D. said...

I just tried the Blue Lemon too (same reason... coupon!) and ordered the same thing you did (including the sweet potato fries :)). It was SO good. I missed out on the brownie though, I'll have to check that out next time. Yum.

That's so funny that you got into a van that wasn't yours... I've tried to open someone else's car before too. Makes you feel oh-so-smart, no?

Amber said...

I've been wanting to try the blue lemon too! Sounds delicious.