Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble Gobble!

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to do something different and head up to Oregon to be with some family from Tim's side. We had a BLAST! All except the ride home, but I don't even want to talk about that except for 18 hours is way too long to be in a car and can make a person go crazy. Faith did great! It was I who was the crazy one. LOL :)

I'm much better today I promise :) The drive was totally worth it to see our family, they are some of THEE coolest people I know, I love them all! Everyone did a great job in helping cook the food, it all tasted heavenly!
I got talked into going shopping for Black Friday. I asked Tim if he wanted to come and he said 'I don't know, do I want to come?' I said 'yes you do'. He said ok and came. hah I was not expecting him to come, but he did and we actually had fun and got some fun stuff! We left at midnight and got back at 5:30... crazy shoppers :)
They have an amazing home, it was like staying at a resort, there was always something to do!

Faith was so excited to see everyone, she couldn't stop talking about Oregon, driving there and everyone there...she names everyone there over and over....including the dog, Cocoa :) She had so much fun with her cousin Lucy. They played so well together, it was fun to see.

You see that flat tire below? Yea, so when we are about a half hour away from their place, we stop to fill up with gas and some trucker dude shows me our flat tire. Tim filled it up with air, when we got closer we stopped to check it and it was getting flat again, we were going to fill it up but all the air pumps were frozen! Weird! So we drove on hoping it wouldn't completely pop underneath us :) We had just barely gotten new snow tires before we left. Tim went to go get it fixed and they found scissor tips in it, yikes! We tried to think of where that might have happened and we remembered the construction site we drove through right after we left our house.....if that's so, we were driving on that for almost 800 miles. Woa, someone was watching out for us. :)

I love these gals! We're missing 2 in the pix, but I love them all! Thanks for a great holiday weekend everyone!!

3 comments from awesome people!:

Jenny said...

How fun to spend time with family and in Oregon, no less! I love it there and can't wait to visit Dan's family for Christmas. NOT looking forward to our 12-14 hour drive tho :( Bummer on the flat tire!

You are so beautiful Laura!

Andrea said...

Yay Oregon! I live in Portland and occasionally stalk you blog :)

Traci said...

so cute! it's such a great way to remember our trip, and it was a BLAST! You did an amazing job putting the pics together, as always. Can't wait to see pics of Mikkie's tree. *hint, hint* Miss you guys!