Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkey shirt

I just loved this shirt I found here, that I just had to copycat...what DON'T I copycat! haha
Someday I'm gonna start coming up with my own cute ideas like this.
You do the same thing as with the Halloween shirt I did, but she actually gives you a template to download to cut the fabric out with. I got these cute fabrics at Gardner's, of course, too fun!

Pretty cute huh!

But the cutest thing of all is this little girl! She's so stinkin' cute! Don't you love those boots?!?! I about died with giddiness when I saw them! ;)
I also about died with giddiness when I realized Thanksgiving is NEXT week! ahhhhhh
mmmmm.... Gobble Gobble! :)

6 comments from awesome people!:

the harpers said...

ADORABLE!!!! I love the boots :) I've sure been thinking about you all! I loved your tribute for Mikkie's birthday! Have a great trip for Thanksgiving!

The Jessee Journal said...

SUCH a cute outfit ... now all she needs is a headband to match ;)

Cindy said...

Love the shirt, the boots and the sweet girl! She's darling!

Lisa R.D. said...

Darling shirt, darling boots, and most of all, darling girl. She is adorable!

Katie (Call) Webb said...

She is too adorable!!! I love the shirt! Good job!

lArZ said...

Thanks guys! Kristen, you guys have a fun trip too, hopeall goes well! Marcie, right after I read that I went and made a matching flower :)