Friday, November 19, 2010

Once upon a time.....

[read in a low, movie-announcer's voice and yes, this is supposed to be corny...but mostly true :)] a land people call the ‘Mormon state”, there was a nerdy girl who loved all things bright, sparkly, fuzzy and beautiful. One of her brothers, slightly cooler than her, set up an arranged date for her and one of his fellow nerdy friends. She dreaded the arranged date, but went anyways with low expectations. She came to find that not all arranged dates are all that bad, this particular nerd was quite dashing, the only one in fact. He swept her right off her feet and 10 complicated months later, they married in a beautiful Temple. Unlike fairytales, this marriage had problems and arguments, weaknesses and faults; it’s been the most roughest, toughest, trying journey of their lives, especially losing one of their most precious, valued treasures, which was tragically taken from them, but will soon be returned if they live as they ought to. There have been times when they felt like giving up; there is this evil plan from satan whom is trying to thwart happiness and break families apart and get them to be miserable just as he is. The nerdy-yet-not-so-bad-looking couple, recognize his cunning ways but would have none of that, so they continue on with faith, hope and much prayer and with God on their sides, and only because of God, do they continue to make it to the next day.
These have also been the most rewarding and happiest of times. Tim still continues to this day to fight dragons and conquer battles for his sweetheart, making him her biggest hero. Despite all they’ve gone through together, they are still madly in love and anxiously await their happily-ever-after ending….or should I say, their new beginning. ☺

To my wonderful, loving, kind, caring, understanding, virtuous, benevolent, etc.. hubby, I love you! I feel completely blessed and grateful to have you in my life. You are the greatest husband and adorable father to our sweet girls. (and Kuzco...he's quite fond of you too :) If we can make it through what we've been through these past 5 years, we can get through ANYTHING! :) Thanks for making me one of the happiest women in the world.
Happy 5 year Anniversary to us!!!!!

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Jenny said...

Our families are being attacked from all angles! You two truly are wonderful together! May you be blessed FOREVER for all you've endured!