Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Despicable" party!

Given a few choices, Faith picked Despicable Me as her theme. Not surprised, as she watches it at least 3 times a day. It was fun to plan though and it was gender friendly too, not just for girls. The best way to plan a Despicable Me party is to play off the minions with the color scheme of yellow, blue and black. Those little guys are my favorites.

These are the invites.

For treats we had:
  • Minion Goggles (mints)
  • * Girl Scout Cookies, named from the movie (Coconutties, Choco Swirlies, Minty Mints, Lemon Cremies, Berry Munchies) turned the boxes inside out and wrote names on.
  • * Minion twinkie cakes (aren't they the cutest things ever! Thanks to my sister Tam, I didn't have to spend all day doing them by myself)
  • * Anti gravity Serum (Lemonade)
  • * Dr. Nefario's juice (where he says "Do you want to explode?" favorite line in our house)
  • I found some test tubes for cups and flasks for pitchers, after the longest search ever found them HERE. They worked out perfect!
  • Vector's crazy straws

hahah what more can you say about the Box of Shame :)

  • For favors, I gave every child a balloon attached to Moon Dough. Went along with the theme of Gru stealing the moon. Tried to redeem myself from sending them home with loads of candy last year from Faith's sweet Candyland Party.

Games played:
  • Gru Says (like Simon Says)
  • Knocked Over (3 tries to knock over "spaceship" with ping pong balls.)
  • Annoying Sound Contest (based off part in movie where Gru says 'No annoying noises' and girl says 'Does this count as annoying'.) We got a movie of this, pretty fun.
  • Carnival game (throw big ball through moving hula hoop.)
  • Steal The Moon (someone hides 'moon' [spray painted styrofoam ball] and the rest try to find or "steal" it.)
  • Watched Despicable Me movie after gifts and cake.

I love my sweet girl she was so excited for her party and to see everyone. Thanks to all you who could make it, wouldn't have been a party without you!

9 comments from awesome people!:

Jenny said...

You are so talented, it's amazing! Happy Birthday Faith!

Rebekah said...

this is a fabulous idea!!! i can't wait to use this! Thanks for posting!!

Jen and Dale said...

WOW Laura! Incredible, as always! I'm so sad we couldn't make it!

Lyle said...

It was so fun and enjoyable Laura! Thanks for all your efforts!

Katie Webb said...

Wow! That is one Dispicable party! Great job! Can I call you for birthday planning ideas?

Dani said...

Thanks for all of the great ideas! My soon to be 4 year old daughter is also obsessed with this movie- and when she said she wanted a despicable me party- I was so excited!
Hope ours turns out as great as yours!

Megan Layhew said...

Hello! I was wondering what your sister used on the Twinkies for the pants. I was going to try candy melts but all I can find is light blue. Thank you for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the test tubes? I love that idea!

Elizabeth Perez said...

I absolutely think this is beautiful! ! Where did you getthetest tube cups I want for my baby girls birthday bash??