Monday, July 20, 2009


That would be a food critique. My mom and I eat out a lot together and like to try new restaurants and I thought it would be fun to post our experiences and reviews.

First up, Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine. We heard it was a great place, you have your choice of a buffet or ordering from their menu. We tried the buffet. It wasn't nasty, but I was starving and had to force myself to eat it all. Bottom line, we wouldn't go there again.

If you want some really good Indian food, try out:

Bombay House (If you're like me and have a weak sauce tongue [a.k.a. NO spicy] try the Chicken Makhani- the best!)
[Side note, If you happen to feel like cracking any jokes, go to the Provo location....the other are a buncha grumpy pants and apparently have no sense of humor ;)]
India Fusion (Try the Ticca Masala with chicken [once again, not spicy!] )
Very good service and very friendly! Just make sure to express your delight by using the word 'bliss'. ;) refer to THIS post.

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