Sunday, November 22, 2009


We officially celebrated our anniversary yesterday...ALL day long, it was fun! We pretty much got all our Christmas Shopping done!! That's what makes me most excited...cuz I do NOT, absolutely NOT want to go shopping after Thanksgiving. The claustrophobic crowds drive me nuts.

Anyways, for dinner we went to Settebello's, a very authentic Italian restaurant downtown and I was SO not disappointed. I remember Tim making me a "Caprese" tomato/cheese salad when he proposed to me and I immediately fell in love with it. So I got one here also! We got our own pizza's (perfect sizes) and my oh my they were super duper tasty! I got the original"Settebello" pizza and he got the "Diavolo" which was Wayyyyy spicy. So glad I didn't get that. The crust was so thin, we had to roll it up like a pizza roll and eat it. Tim also introduced me to "Sparkling Water"...yea, not very exciting. It looks like Sprite...but tastes like water with a flavorless zing to it. It kinda grew on me and we ended up drinking the whole liter we got! I wouldn't be able to do that with soda pop. yuck.
Right next to it is their Gelato cafe....also YUMMY! I've never seen so many gelato flavors before. They had like 30 somethin'. I got Nutella (I say Nuh-tella; Tim says "new-tella"....who's right?!) with Sweet Cream and Tim got Nutella with Raspberry. I must say it felt sinful to eat the Sweet Cream....It. Was. That. Good.

Tim thinks I'm supposed to be an Italian...I agree, there has to be Some Italian blood in me!

Bottom line? You MUST go try this place! Another plus is the Great prices! If you've been there already, it's time to go again! hah I'M ready to go again already! Good thing I have some leftover pizza to eat............right now, SeE yA! =)

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