Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Early Valentines gift!

I never thought I'd be so excited to get power tools, but when I think of all you can do with them, (all the crafts) I told Tim what I wanted and we decided to make it my early Valentines gift. We give early gifts a lot around here...we just can't hold our horses. =) So....here's my new play area...my own wood shop in my garage =) yayyyyyy! The table was off of ksl, jigsaw from HD and the sexy saw horse..... yup, we made it ourselves. =) I was so excited when i was finally able to use my lil "shop" and cut out some BIG "love" wooden letters. I needed something big to put on the ledge above my front door, and this was just the thing!
Once again, it's not pro by any means...this is the first time I've cut something with a jigsaw, but for a beginner, I'd say it's not too shabby, eh?!

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The Sutton's said...

What talent!!! You amaze me all the time, you go girl!!! I love that you got power tools for V-day, how fun!!!

Marcie said...

Way to go Laura! I agree, power tools are a crafting necessity. I'm just lucky that Trent likes to do that stuff becuase I hate using them :)

avagdro said...

Thank you Laura for the beautiful pics being posted.Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day beforehand.

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Katie said...

Its perfect! Good job!

Jenny said...

Not bad at all! I LOVE it!