Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Faith's birthday!

Today our sweet lil Faith turned 3! It was the first year that she understands what a birthday is, and was SUPER excited about it!

Her favorites are as follows:

Color: Pink, purple and blue.
Book: Brown bear, Brown bear
Song: Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, I love to see the Temple and I am a child of God.
Game: rolie polie with dad. (He rolls them in a blanket down a mattress from our bed to floor.)
Movie: Full House (knows all their names and pretty much has seen every season.)
Pal: Mikkie (she is always making sure Mikkie gets treats, etc. first before her)
Food: Pizza and CANDY.....duh =)
Drink: Water (no wonder she's so skinny, compared to Mikkie-the tank who drinks milk ;)
For dinner tonight we had her favy, pizza and chocolate cake and ate on the floor which she thought was pretty cool unlike her dad who didn't see the fun in it. (every party has a pooper ;)
It was pretty simple tonight....the real fun comes Saturday!

Mikkie, however, did NOT sit on the floor with us......and you can see why.
For her gift, Tim and I worked on this little play kitchen over the past month or so, and though it has many imperfections (please don't look too closely) we were pretty happy with our results.
I think Mikkie seemed more excited than Faith, she dove right in and started playing with it, stuffing the cart and fridge with play food....that made Faith interested all the sudden.
I found a little play set at Wally World that came with a little cart...see how it says Walmart on it, how cute is that?! We got some extra play food to go with it and now need some play pots, pans and dinnerware but can't really find any for a good price.
We're pretty sure she had a fun birthday, she is such a sweetheart and we're SO happy to have her in our family! Thanks to all of you who remembered her on her special day, I can tell it made her feel good. =)

5 comments from awesome people!:

Katie said...

You did an amazing job on the kitchen! Way to go! And happy birthday to Faith!

The Jessee Journal said...

I think the kitchen looks great!

Jenny said...

Oh to be 3 again. I miss my pretend kitchen...lawl. Happy Birthday to you Faithy-Poo!

Ana White said...

That is just totally adorable! And she knows it was made for her by hand. To be treasured forever.

Judie said...

I think your kitchen is adorable! I know that Ikea has pots, pans and crockery for play kitchens at reasonable (well I think they are) prices. Might be worth a check.