Sunday, June 20, 2010

Super Dad!

I wanted to post up this idea sooner, but both my dad and hubby read my blog, and that would just be against my sneaky nature. :) But at least it's something to think about for next year....or even a birthday would be cute!

When I saw this SUPER cute idea, I knew I just had to try it out. I'm so glad I did! It was easy, fun and something different. I used snacks to suit it to our own super dads. Instead of a wooden box like she used, I got a smaller photo box for only $3 at Hobby Lobby!! It all fit in there (thanks to my tetris skills ;) so it all worked out.
This is my first time having a Izze drink. Anyone else tried these before? They're pretty good! Blackberry is my FAVY! mmm.. Great alternative to soda pop, in my opinion.

For a card, I thought I'd stay with the Super theme and made this super dad card. I love how it all turned out!
Our Super Dad!

Random note: Anytime I hear the word 'Super', it reminds me of that line from "Incredibles" where bad guy says "It's a family of Supa's.......and they got busy!" hahaha Anyone else reminded of that?? :)

2 comments from awesome people!:

Brittany & Garrett Best said...

That is a REALLY cute idea! Thanks for posting it!!!

Scattered Brain said...

We made this for my husband for his birthday, a week after Father's Day. The kids loved helping put it together and my hubby loved it. Thanks for sharing