Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wooden Flag

After our fun family bike ride by Gardner Village on Memorial Day,
we browsed around the shops and found a cute wooden flag decor. One SIL said, it's so cute I want to get it! The other SIL said no way, we can totally make that! lol Anyone else do that? See a craft and tell yourself, I can make that!
More times than not I don't actually make it, but this time we planned a craft day and got 'er done. They all turned out super cute, I love all the different combinations of papers!

The measurements of wood we used were:

2 pieces at 12" wide for bottom stripes
2 pieces at 7" wide for top stripes
1 2x4 block at 5" wide for blue star block

Just cut some 2x4's in half and you have a good height for stripes. I like the glitter on the stars, gives it a nice little bling!

I can't believe Independence Day is next weekend, but I'm glad I get to enjoy the decor for the whole month and not just until then!


3 comments from awesome people!:

Scattered Brain said...

very cute, I will have to make some for myself. Thank you for sharing the direction

Brittany & Garrett Best said...

Laura you are OH SO Talented!!!

Lisa R.D. said...

These are so cute... I'm so glad I had a birthday around the time ypu made these... it looks great in our living room!