Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bear Lake

Wow, it took forever to get my pictures organized. Here we are 2 1/2 weeks after the fact. I guess I do have a good excuse. ;)

This was a much needed vacation, our first one this year! Didn't seem long enough though. We were freezing our buns off half the time, I don't what's up with this crazy weather! And of course I didn't follow my hunch to bring any sweaters....bah.

Mikkie getting herself all wet with water bottle on the drive. When we got her out we thought she peed her pants. Tim's parents let the kids play on this big bouncy playground. Once Faith went down the slide once, there was no stopping her after that. Mikkie was too small to climb up to the slide, but she had so much fun boppin' and bouncin' around in there;
Our talented cousin, Jen, did our toes. When I saw hers and she said she painted the flowers, I thought she was joking cuz they totally looked liked stickers! She painted almost every girl's toenails. I'm still enjoying my gorgeous nails! :)
A tradition that's been going on for several years is what we call the 'Jammie walk'. Tim's parents and all their grandkids get dressed in their jammies and go on a walk. They always get them some sort of fun glowy thing. The kids loved them. I had to borrow one the kids' to play with too...:) Tim's parents had one new one left and put it in Mikkie's casket.
More fun, our sweet girls, and some minute-to-win-it games that Tim's aunt came up with. They were so fun!
Bike rides and fun. The part with Tim was the opposite of fun.
A bunch of us were out playing Ghost in the Graveyard one night and not too far into it, we run off and we hear Tim scream/grunt...we weren't quite sure what to think. He comes slowly walking out of the dark and we see his chin all dripping with blood, it was like a horror movie. I rushed him up to the condo and everyone there rushed to help. He was completely white and almost passed out. I noticed a dark spot on his pant leg, I lifted it up and there's a big puncture wound. His face was all banged up, I was for sure he was going to have a nice black eye, but nope. His whole body was sore and in pain. I thought what the heck did you do out there?!
Tim's brother was kind enough to drive us to the hospital in Montpelier, ID. First time I've been there, and it will def. be a memorable trip. He got 7 stitches, 3 inside and 4 out.
Doctor told him he would've been able to just wade in the lake, but because of his leg he couldn't. No sand, no water. No fun. hah we still had 6 days left. Poor guy. I lived it up at the beach for him.
We went back to the park when it was daylight so we could see just exactly what he ran in to. It was that blue spongey bench. Except it's not so spongey when you hit it full force. We're still confused as to how he hot that hole in his leg and it didn't even put a hole in his pants.
Fun day at the beach! This was the only day we got to go; we went the day before but right when we got there a big storm came. Hay and I went jet skiing. Her and her sisters were so good to all the kids! I'm glad Mikkie got to know them better.
Helping Faith launch a balloon to the other group. That's always fun!
That picture of Mikkie running to me is Priceless! I wish I could see her face, but I love it!! And the one of Tim's cousin feeding her pudding...picture perfect.
Tradition of the "Old Ephraim Pizza". A bunch of us go out to conquer this yummy and HUGE pizza.....except Tim, he had to get his own little cheeseless pizza. :)
Random fun pictures.
Bear lake's famous raspberry shakes! I love getting the raspberry with cheesecake chunks in it.....oh yummy goodness!

My SIL's were totally inspired and asked Tim's brother, Ryan Harper, to take family pictures while we were up there. They turned out fantastic!!

Girl grandkids. All but one. So precious.
All of Tim's family and extended(minus a few missing cousins). Good looking bunch! I love them all!
A goofy pic of course, you have to get at least one of these! Love it! I have no idea what face I was making, don't ask. haha
Tim's immediate family.
My sweet family. This is why the pictures were inspired. This is our last family picture with Mikkie. Who cares if she's not smiling, at least she's in it. :) We weren't gonna get pictures done until October, so I'm SOOOO grateful for these, and will cherish it forever!
I'm glad I got all the pix of Mikkie that I did, but I'm still wishing I took even more...preferably ones with that smile I love so much. Even though I didn't get to play with her much that week (which I'm still kicking myself for), I know she had a great last week. We had fun too, I always look forward to this trip every year.

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The Sutton's said...

I love your family picture, it is priceless!! We are looking forward to seeing you guys. you are very much in our thoughts and prayers, let us know if you need anything.

Michelle Nielson said...

Ah laura I looove this! I love all the pictures u took,u have such a beautiful family. I love that last family pic u took. U look so cute and how neat that picture is. :)

Lisa R.D. said...

I am so impressed at how many pictures you managed to get in this post! I love that Mikkie's last week was full of good family time and so many people that just adored her.

Stephanie said...


Jenny said...

Laura, you amaze me with you sunny attitude and amazing talents. What beautiful pictures! I love the one of you and Tim and the girls! What fun memories :)