Friday, September 10, 2010

I Am Like a Star Freebie Digi Kit


Take a wild guess who this kit is dedicated to.......yup, my sweet angel Mikkie.

I didn't realize til I was folding her clothes how much her pajama top was part of my poem. The sun, rain, rainbow...totally cool. Perfect! There's a lot of symbolism in this kit.

-The star is from the song "I am like a star" which was her favorite bedtime song
-The helicopter is for when she "flew to Jesus"
-The butterfly for a few reasons--I was intending on decorating her room with a butterfly theme and purple, and cuz she always said "flaw" for 'fly' but flies aren't as cute as butterflies so I went with the latter....I'm sure she agrees. I just love butterflies.
-The gum balls because she LOVED gum. Absolutely loved gum. I would always be finding a whole empty pack in my purse.
-The 'white crochet paper' is a piece of her beautiful crocheted dress that was donated.

So there ya go, that's my baby girl in a nutshell. :) Add all the happiness and cuteness in the world and that's her. I love and miss her like crazy.

Here's the kit.
I hope you enjoy and have fun with this kit; it for sure came straight from my heart. :)

5 comments from awesome people!:

Stathis Five said...

What a sweet little kit. She is so lucky to have a mother like you. Thanks for sharing. You are a very neat and wonderful person. I am so sorry about your loss. This kit will be put to great use for me. Thanks so much. And may God be with you.

Eric and Michelle said...

Thank you for this kit that is so special to you. You have been an inspiration to me through your words about your sweet little girl. You've helped me to remember the most important things in life.

A.Larson said...

This is so sweet. Thank you for creating this, and especially for sharing something that is so precious to you.
Thank you and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kit! You are such a strong woman and I cant believe the strength you have, it brings tears to my eyes every time you speak of your daughter. You are truely an inspiration.

Chris said...

Dear Laura,
I Saw this Lovely Kit Previewed on CBH Freebies, My Best Friend Loves Purple, So I had to have a look. I started the download and read Your blog entry and then some other entries until slowly and Sadly I realised what has happened to You and Your Family. I do not share your faith but I am glad you have it, it sounds like a Great Comfort. I read Your other blog too 'Move Forward with Faith' documenting Your Journey. I have Cried and Felt Such Saddness Reading Your Blogs, I have also Felt Your Tremendous Strength, Faith, Forgiving Nature and Hope.
My Thoughts are With You, Tim, Faith and Mikki Your Angel, Thank You, Chris