Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zipper Flower

I'm lovin the new zipper style lately, totally fun and creative! I went to buy a headband but when I saw the price and how easy it looked to make, I was just achin to try it myself! So instead I bought some zippers, came home and had this done in less than 10 min. That's my kinda craft! :)

Even though I just saw one of them and pretty much knew how to do it, I still wanted to look up a tute to see how others did it. I liked THIS one. Mine doesn't look as pro as hers but it works well enough for me!
It was harder than I thought to find the metal headbands. I found mine at Hobby Lobby but it had teeth on it, so I just ripped them off and then I liked it. :) If anyone knows of somewhere else to get them, let me know!!

Now to try some different styles and make one in every color, right?! :)

5 comments from awesome people!:

The Sutton's said...

Ok so I kept meaning to ask where you got that headband. It is so very cute. It is awesome that you made it, good job!!!

Michelle Nielson said...

Wow laura that is the coolest thing ever! I loooove it! U did sooo good and you look soo pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually like your's better than dear old Martha's. Your's is more girly!! Super cute idea!!

Brittany & Garrett Best said...

I love it, love it! You are so amazingly talented in pretty much every way! You look darling with it too. You are gorgeous all the time though so it's no suprise.

lArZ said...

Thanks guys!! :)