Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween festivities!

I love when it's time to start all the holiday traditions!

A couple weeks ago we had our Pumpkin carving party with Tim's family. This year we thought it would be fun to see everyone in their costumes, you gotta wear them as much as possible right? :) We're glad they could come, it was so much fun! Great job on the pumpkins everyone, love them!
How fun and creative are those Bug exterminator costumes?! Love it!

Our Spooky Menu: (these are just the things I made, Lisa and Kristen brought some yummy fruit and salad (thank you!)

Then last night we had our 'Annual Halloween Party' for my family. Costumes are always required of course. Some may hate me for that, but the fun of Halloween is getting to dress up! :) I love hosting parties, and one year my house (inside and out) is going to be decked out in Halloween in every nook n' cranny. haha Tim probably thinks I have more than enough decorations, but he hasn't thought about the front yard... heheh :)

With the help of everyone, we had a yummy menu planned, I didn't take pictures because I'm going to share those recipes on their own know what that means, they're that good. :)

Everyone's costumes- they all turned out great, way ta go y'all! This was the best picture I could get of Kuzco-puppies are not very cooperative. You should have seen Krista and I try to put his costume on. :)
I keep forgetting to have everyone vote for costume awards, I think it's fun to do, so I'm just gonna do it this time. :)

Funniest: Obama on Vacation- haha :), Hawaiian Hippies and NERD.
Scariest: Vampire, Head Devil & Soldier ;)
Best Couple: Woody & Jessie- Great job making those Jen!
Best Group: Pac Man Family- Also, great job making those Delaina!
Best Original: Bee, Ladybug, Devil (Marcie), Strawberry
Prettiest: Aphrodite, Flapper Girl and Fairy
Most Creative: Super 'T's (Trent and Truman...get it? :) and Jamaican
Cutest: sorry, have to be biased on this one...Little Witch and Little Devil. :)
ok....I'll make one for me too :) - Most weird and funky: Head Witch :) :)
EVERYONE'S was AWESOME!! There's many that fit into several of those categories.

One of my bestest friends, whom just returned home from Air Force training, came and it was SO good to see her. It's been 5 months, way too long! So technically her uniform is not a costume, but I let it slide...just this once ;)
Tim's aunt came up with some fun minute-to-win-it games at Bear Lake and I thought they were so fun I wanted to do them at this party. I think everyone had fun....they sure did good!
I can't get over those teeth, Paul. haha
Thanks for coming everyone, it wouldn't have been a party without you! I'm already looking forward to next year's party! :)
Anyone else have fun traditions they do for the holidays? I love them! Bring on the next holiday!

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Lisa R.D. said...

We had such a fun time getting together... thank you for all of your work! These pictures were all so fun, it looks like you all partied hard! Thanks for letting us be part of your halloween traditions. On Halloween night we try to eat something spooky... last night it was very low key... vampire blood with chunks of rotting flesh (cranberry juice, frozen oj cubes, and dry ice).