Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anniversary surprise!

So this makes surprise number TWO this year...I am really slacking, which means Tim is getting more and more shneaky. After 5 years, he's finally able to surprise me. :) I think it's fun and he does a great job!

Tonight Tim had a recital. He's taking voice lessons, but I'm not allowed to post the video of his performance :) But he did a great job! After his performance he started telling everyone it was our anniversary yesterday and asked me to stand up so everyone could see which I just stayed sitting and said "Hi everyone!" haha Then he asks me to come up and sit in the chair, I started to think, what is going on.... I sit down and someone brings him his vase of roses, beautiful, bright pink roses that he hands to me. Wow! That was a surprise! And comes on and he starts singing " for the way you look at me....." WOW! Even more of a surprise!!! Seriously I almost started to cry cuz it was the sweetest thing! I know that sounds corny :) I didn't know what to do while he was singing and moving around me, I could feel my face all flushed as everyone was focusing on us two. I didn't dare look at anyone. When it was over I gave him a big hug and everyone clapped for him. It was so! stinkin! sweet!

Quite the romantic sweetheart, eh!

2 comments from awesome people!:

Michelle Nielson said...

aww how sweet!! I LOVE that!! i hope you had an amazing anniversary!! you look so cute!! love you!!

Ashlee said...

It was pretty sweet! What a romantic you have! I hope you guys had a great anniversary, and the recital didn't get in the way too much! Thanks for letting him take lessons, I really enjoy teaching him and it's cute how much he adores you!