Saturday, April 30, 2011

Get your game on

Last night was Tim's nerd party! I "dressed up" in one of his many nerd shirts....yes he has a collection of nerd shirts. I figure if I can't understand what it means, it's his nerd shirt. hah
I made some gaming/nerd glasses for pictures....there were some pretty winner nerd faces. :)

We had different games set up on 4 different tv's like DDR, Wii, Ps2, nintendo..playing Mario was my favorite! I love the old games, they're classic. Tim was in heaven having a whole night just for computer games with friends and family!

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Lisa R.D. said...

It was a great party--I'm sorry we had to make an early exit. When I saw your "nerd shirts" I told Ryan we could have brought a few of our own. You are the party queen! I'm so glad we get to come to them. Hope cutie-pie Faith is feeling better!